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Financial Literacy Quiz Slot 1 Result- 22nd July : Slot 2 Result - 5th August

About Financial Literacy Quiz

  • The Financial Literacy Quiz is an all India event in which students can participate via schools, institutes or individually.
  • This quiz is a way to kindle child’s self awareness and self assessment in the understanding of money.
  • Although, we all see and use money however, we do not encourage curiosity and awareness about it.
  • This quiz aims to stimulate some aspects of curiosity and build a learning mindset in the children.
  • The questions are fun, light, relevant and practical.

Nature of Quiz ?

  • The quiz will contain 50 questions related to Financial Literacy.
  • Each question will carry 1 point score.
  • Each question will have four multiple-choice objective answers.
  • The participants have to click on the correct answer.
  • For each correct answer, the participant will get one point.
  • The total time to complete all questions is 25 mins.
  • The time for completion of the quiz will also be considered in deciding the winners.
  • Those who complete the quiz in the shortest time and the highest score will be considered as the top winner.
  • If more than one participant attends the same score for a similar time, the prize money will be distributed accordingly

Date and Time

Result Slot 1: 22nd July 2021
Result Slot 2: 5th Aug 2021 2021

Time : Attempt anytime
Quiz closes at 2:55 PM

How to Prepare?

  • Be curious, excited and have fun! Google may help!
  • Get yourself familiar with Introduction to Financial Literacy, Understand Needs and Wants, some basic terms related to money, banks and finances.


  • The Certificates will be automatically be generated once the quiz is completed by the participants.
  • Participants can download their certificates after completion of the quiz.


Top 20 Winners get FREE Entry to Financial Literacy Workshop worth ₹1000/-

Who can register?

  • Kids and young adults between ages 10 – 20 years
  • Registrations fees- Rs 20/-

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